Human Engineering AG

data communication and contribution software

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Some Facts about the Company


Human Engineering AG was founded at Winterthur near Zurich in 1987.

Major Projects

  • PICOS - Platform Independent Contributing and Optimisation Server (SunSolaris, Linux, Windows NT)
  • PC based transaction handler for Swiss Regional Bank Clearing House, Bern
  • Core software of Fides video switching system
  • Project leader for the trading system of Credit Suisse Holding at the new stock exchange in Zurich
  • RSF / RSF+ feed handler for IVS/1 IVS/2 trading system (OS/2)
  • Development of a universal application specific SNMP (simple network management protocol) agent for Union Bank of Switzerland (Sun Solaris, Unisys-Unix)
  • Universal configure serial line handler within Sun Solaris kernel space
  • Core software of Wey video switching system (OS/2, Windows NT)

Major Skills

  • Real time data processing
  • Distributed data processing
  • Data communications
  • Internet technologies
  • Database
  • API : Reuters SSL , IBM MQI and many others
  • OS : Sun Solaris , Windows NT , Linux and others