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data communication and contribution software

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We can offer you a wide pallet of applications.

All of the console application runs on most known operating systems (Solaris, Linux, Windows, ..). The GUI applications runs on Windows, some of them also runs on most known operating systems (Solaris, Linux, Windows, ..).


From our core business of the Contribuing PICOS our processes with the configuration system FRM.


HEAG MQS ist eine Nachrichtenorientierte Middleware, die auf der asynchronen Kommunikation, also der Übertragung von Nachrichten (Messages) beruht.

RMDS Applications

Reuters is pretty much a leader in the market data business. Our specialists are well versed in the Reuters Market Data System, and have programmed to the needs of different customer applications.

Excel Applications

Very interesting for traders is our wide pallet to Excel plug-ins for the distribution of data about all sorts of Message Systems. It can be sent around so that data, but also display of sources.

FIX Applications

As flexible the new FIX protocol is, as diverse are interfaces to the customers. We take this into account to carefully adapt our solutions to the needs of customers.

Database Applications

Databases, we used initially to configure runtime systems. Meanwhile, we write graphical applications from management of larger systems.

Webbased Applications

In medium to larger companies that increasingly consumes more and more system administration resources. To counter this we developed our own web server that can reproduce those browser-based database systems.

PICOS Introduction / Overview

The system allows concurrent distribution of financial information input to all the well-known "public" services (Reuters, Telekurs, Bridge, ADP, Bloomberg, others) and customer specific services (Host, Servers and other data stores) at the same time.


Bond Rating Web Services

There are no translations available.


In Finanzinstituten werden Ratings in zahlreichen Systemen vom Handel über das Risk Management bis zum Back Office benötigt. Eine einzige Ratingagentur als Quelle für die Bewertung von Emittenten, Geschäftspartnern und deren Wertpapieren ist dabei nicht ausreichend. Deshalb stehen Finanzinstitute vor der Herausforderung, die Ratinginformationen mehrerer Agenturen zu verknüpfen und den hausinternen Systemen zur Verfügung zu stellen:


HMDS Real Time Server

HEAG HMDS is a real-time data store and distribution service.